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BELCO - Traditon, Experience, Inovation

Since 1947, when BELCO MOTOR OIL N.V/S.A was founded in the area of the ANTWERP-ANVERS port in BELGIUM, it has proven to be one of the most important and dynamic suppliers of automotive and industrial lubricants as well as other types of products required in those times.

With a diversified range, BELCO’s products served most areas such as: auto-transport, industry and construction, agriculture and the maritime sector, especially in the ANTWERP and ROTTERDAM ports.

Gradually, BELCO brand products are becoming more and more popular on the market, being demanded precisely because of the quality and services offered to the whole area of BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). The variety and quality of BELCO products has been the key to the company’s continuity, which has led to the implementation of a BELCO brand expansion strategy, thus exporting to three continents (Europe, America and Africa).

Over time, BELCO is consolidating on the lubricants market, becoming highly appreciated and thus determining its involvement in sponsoring and supporting different sports competitions, especially motor sports from the 1960s, such as the GREAT PRIZE of BELGIUM ( Grand-prix) SPA - FRANCORCHAMPS).

After a long tradition and experience in the field of lubricants for more 70 years the Belgian company BELCO MOTOR OIL NV/SA can offer a diversified range of products for all domains complying with the highest quality standards. Thus, BELCO brand products are distributed and present in over 50 countries worldwide. After all, BELCO has a reputation for supporting and sponsoring various sports competitions, having different sponsorship partners ships and at the moment. During the last decade there have been several important changes in the lubricants sector at the quality level. It was a high-performance technological leap, offering excellent and sustainable protection of the environment, an aspect that we consider to be a priority.

At present, we are actively involved in the continuous development and innovation of BELCO products through a diverse mix of products such as: engine oils and transmissions, liquids for hydraulic systems, cooling, braking and petroleum jelly, all in accordance with the highest quality standards.

The complex expansion strategy, the permanent focus on the market segment in all areas shows that we are ready for the future, a proof that at present only in BELGIUM and NETHERLANDS our products are in the portfolio of ever 3500 companies.